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Mariah Carey Faces Criticism for Interaction with Stevie Wonder at Recording Academy Honors



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Mariah Carey is under scrutiny on social media for what appears to be a lack of assistance to Stevie Wonder at The Recording Academy Honors, where she was presented with the Global Impact Award by The Black Music Collective (BMC) on Thursday night. Following Wonder’s tribute to Carey, where he expressed gratitude for their friendship, Carey seemed to struggle while addressing the audience.

Stevie Wonder acknowledged Carey, stating, “Every time we meet and talk, it’s like having a brand new day. I thank you for your friendship, your heart and the consistent spirit of love that you show.” Carey responded by saying, “I will never not get excited to be in the company of your greatness!” Despite the seemingly positive exchange, fans expressed disappointment on social media, with one user stating, “Mariah was wrong as hell for that,” and another noting, “He was thinking about her but she wasn’t thinking about him. I don’t like this.”

Following the awkward incident, Carey reflected on her career in the music industry during her acceptance speech. She shared her journey of overcoming expectations and embracing her love for Black music, ultimately discovering freedom and fulfillment in expressing her authentic self. She expressed gratitude for her supporters and dedicated the award to those who have felt silenced or marginalized, emphasizing the importance of their voices.

Stay tuned for further updates on Mariah Carey and the reactions to her Recording Academy Honors appearance

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