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Meek Mill Fires Back at Poundside Pop’s Allegations, Accuses Him of Snitching



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Philadelphia rapper Poundside Pop stirred controversy earlier this week during an interview with DJ Akademiks, where he levied accusations against Meek Mill. Pop claimed that Meek had allegedly banned him from the city after a failed attempt to sign him to a deal that included relinquishing his publishing rights for a mere $20,000. Meek wasted no time in responding to these claims, vehemently denying them and labeling Poundside Pop as a snitch.

In his rebuttal, Meek Mill brought up an alleged incident where Poundside Pop supposedly “told on” Lil Uzi Vert to Jay-Z. While Meek’s response primarily focuses on accusing Poundside Pop of snitching, it lacks specific details addressing the initial claim. Fans have noted that Meek’s reaction appears disjointed and unfocused, leading to speculation about the validity of Poundside Pop’s allegations.

Meek Mill’s response extended to a series of tweets, one of which directly targeted Poundside Pop’s familial ties, alleging that Poundside Pop’s father was involved in an incident where he supposedly snitched on the entire Ram Squad, a prominent rap group in Philadelphia. Despite the lack of clarity surrounding the original allegations, Meek Mill remains steadfast in his defense against Poundside Pop’s claims.

This isn’t the first time Meek Mill has found himself embroiled in controversy. Recently, he faced backlash from Kanye West’s fanbase after making comments about the rapper. Additionally, his latest EP, Heathenism, failed to gain commercial success, selling just 6,000 copies in its first week. These setbacks have led to renewed criticism of Meek Mill from detractors.

As the feud between Meek Mill and Poundside Pop continues to unfold, fans are divided on Meek’s response. Some believe he raises valid points, while others criticize him for veering off-topic and focusing on unrelated matters. Share your thoughts on Meek Mill’s reaction in the comments section below.

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