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Meek Mill Shares Thoughts on Kanye West, Reflects on Past Feuds



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Meek Mill took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his views on Kanye West, reflecting on their past feuds and acknowledging West’s intelligence while also noting that he can sometimes be “off a lil.” The Philadelphia rapper’s tweet came amidst their history of trading rap shots and recent controversies between them.

In his tweet, Meek Mill praised Kanye West’s intelligence but also hinted at some discrepancies, mentioning his own support for West’s Yeezy brand. “Random but: I think Yeezy smart but be off a lil but because I bought like 17 pair of Yeezys since we been trading rap shots … and I listened to your music to get me through my bid you a super legend I was more confused of why you was going so hard to go at me in the beginning …” Meek wrote in one post. He further emphasized their mutual respect and understanding in their rap beef, stating, “When you see us going at it it’s always rap beef we know each other personally and would never let it go to far! It’s a bloody sport gotta be rough wit it.”

Following Meek Mill’s tweets, there were various responses from his followers, with some making jokes about recent rumors involving Meek and Diddy. However, Meek’s focus remained on discussing his relationship with Kanye West and clarifying their interactions over the years.

This exchange between Meek Mill and Kanye West sheds light on their complex dynamic as artists and individuals within the rap community. As fans continue to speculate on their interactions, further updates on their relationship may emerge in the future. Stay tuned for more developments.

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