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Nicki Minaj’s Half-Sister Ming Luanli Eyes Tell-All Interview on The Breakfast Club



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Ming Luanli, the half-sister of Nicki Minaj, has expressed her desire to share her story in a tell-all interview on The Breakfast Club, taking to Instagram on Monday to voice her intentions. “Everyone wants me to speak,” she wrote. “I’m saving my interview for @breakfastclubam.” In another Instagram Story post, she emphasized the importance of respect, stating, “I won’t be disrespected by anybody cause respect is always earned, and yes I do love my family let that be known too..all of them.”

This move comes as Luanli embarks on her own journey in the music industry. She recently made her debut in the music video for Rakeem Love’s track, “Do It Again,” released on March 8. Since then, fans have frequently referenced her relationship to Nicki Minaj on social media. In response to inquiries about the lack of support from her sister, Luanli asserted, “Did I ask for it?” She has also expressed her desire to be recognized independently, stating, “I will no longer be known as Nicki Minaj’s little sister.”

Addressing the ongoing feud between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, Luanli opted not to take sides. “Whatever beef that’s going on, I really don’t give a fck for it,” she remarked. “Like that got nothing to do with me. I’m working on my life, my grind … I don’t care about that sht, bro, I really don’t give a fck for it. I don’t give a fck for it. It ain’t helping me with what I need to do with my life.”

As Luanli seeks to break her silence and share her perspective, fans await further updates on her journey and her relationship with Nicki Minaj. Stay tuned for more developments on Ming Luanli and her endeavors.

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