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Nelly and Ashanti Spark Pregnancy Rumors Amid Performances



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Towards the end of the previous year, there were reports from Us claiming that Nelly and Ashanti were expecting their first child together, based on information from a close source. Despite no official confirmation from either party, speculations heightened as Ashanti covered her stomach during a December performance, prompting fans to wonder about a potential baby bump. Nelly also engaged in a similar gesture, leading to playful laughter between the couple and further fueling the pregnancy rumors.

In recent appearances, Ashanti has been opting for stylish yet notably oversized outfits. During a performance with Ja Rule, she sported a loosely fitting t-shirt, and at a Miami event celebrating the 10th anniversary of E11EVEN, she continued the trend, choosing an eye-catching pink oversized Balenciaga t-shirt paired with vibrant boots and sunglasses. The carefully chosen ensembles have cleverly concealed any potential signs of an impending addition to the family.

During the Miami event, Nelly and Ashanti took the stage, delighting fans with performances of hits like “Body On Me.” Ashanti’s choice of attire further fueled speculations, as fans continued to scrutinize her fashion choices for possible hints of a growing family.

Notably, the couple’s reunion on stage was orchestrated by Fat Joe, who claimed credit for bringing them together during a Verzuz event. According to Fat Joe, Nelly’s interest in Ashanti was rekindled during the performance, leading to their eventual reconciliation. Fans remain intrigued by the ongoing rumors and eagerly await any official announcement from the couple regarding their reported pregnancy.

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