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NUP Secretary General Denounces Government Actions on Arrests and Abductions



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David Lewis Rubongoya, the Secretary General of the National Unity Platform (NUP), expressed concerns about the alleged use of arrests, detentions, and abductions by the government to suppress opposition voices. Rubongoya, who was recently arrested but later released, highlighted that over 100 NUP supporters have been subject to illegal detentions, abductions, or are still imprisoned for standing up against the government.

In an interview with The Observer, Rubongoya detailed his experience in military and police custody, describing the aggressive manner in which arrests were made. He recounted an incident where individuals were crammed into a drone, exceeding its capacity, resulting in discomfort and minor injuries.

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Rubongoya also criticized the security forces for their violent handling of arrests, emphasizing their compliance with orders and the lack of empathy. He emphasized the uncertainty faced by individuals in detention, discussing the economic and familial concerns arising from arbitrary arrests.

When asked about the numbers of detained NUP supporters, Rubongoya indicated fluctuations due to daily arrests, abductions, and releases. He mentioned 18 individuals abducted during elections who remain unaccounted for, while over 100 supporters have faced abduction and detention, some without legal documents.

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He highlighted specific cases of individuals in detention, such as Alex Kalyowa Kayiwa missing since July and others held without due legal processes. Rubongoya also emphasized the continued fear tactics employed by the regime, aiming to instill fear and compromise the opposition’s supporters.

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Regarding the recent parliamentary debate on human rights violations, Rubongoya commended the opposition’s walkout, expressing hope that the move would amplify international attention on the issue. He underscored the importance of such actions as they are observed by both local and global audiences, potentially increasing pressure on the government.

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