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NUP’s Fashion Designer Latif Madoi Marks 30 Days in Detention Without Charges



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Bobi Wine, the President of Uganda’s largest opposition party, the National Unity Platform (NUP), made a statement regarding the situation of celebrated fashion designer Latif Madoi. He noted that it has been 30 days since Madoi’s arrest and detention, emphasizing that Madoi has been detained without any apparent crime, except for his profession of designing clothes for Bobi Wine and other Ugandans.

Yesterday, Bobi Wine and his team visited Latif Madoi at Kasangati Government Prison to check on his well-being. During the visit, they discovered that one of Madoi’s greatest concerns was the loss of his dreadlocked hair, which he had been growing for over 17 years. Additionally, authorities confiscated many of his machines, resulting in a halt to his business operations. Despite these challenges, the NUP Leader says Madoi remains resilient, maintaining his innocence and asserting that he has not committed any offense.

Bobi Wine expressed deep concern over Madoi’s situation, highlighting the impact of his detention on both his personal life and his livelihood. He condemned the actions taken against Madoi, stating that they not only infringe upon his rights but also disrupt his ability to pursue his profession and provide for himself and his family.

Furthermore, Bobi Wine called for justice and fairness in Madoi’s case, urging authorities to review his detention and ensure that his rights are respected. He emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of all individuals, regardless of their profession or political affiliations.

Bobi Wine reiterated his support for Madoi and pledged to continue advocating for his release. He encouraged others to stand in solidarity with Madoi and to speak out against any injustices or violations of human rights occurring in Uganda.

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In related news, Bobi Wine recently made a post on social media platform X, expressing his disappointment over a request made by Reverend Bishop Michael Lubowa to General Museveni for a new vehicle. In his post, Bobi Wine expressed disbelief at the Reverend’s actions and criticized what he sees as the effects of dictatorship in Uganda.

According to Bobi Wine’s post, Reverend Bishop Michael Lubowa’s request to General Museveni for a new vehicle was made without any apparent sense of shame. Bobi Wine highlighted the timing of the request, noting that the Reverend reminded President Museveni that the 2026 election is drawing near. This, Bobi Wine suggests, reflects the influence of the current political climate in Uganda, where individuals may feel compelled to seek favors from those in power in anticipation of upcoming elections.

Bobi Wine questioned the ethical integrity of Reverend Bishop Michael Lubowa, suggesting that someone who appeals to the regime for personal favors may be compromised in their ability to condemn corruption and oppression. He argued that such actions undermine the credibility of individuals who claim to advocate for the rights and interests of the people, particularly when they rely on support from the very regime they criticize.

Bobi Wine also shared on social media that he, along with others, attended a requiem mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Parish in Gayaza. The mass was held to honor the memory of “comrade” Aaron Amani, who sadly passed away the day before. Amani was the son of Deputy President Dr. Lina Zedriga. Despite the heartbreaking loss, he said Dr. Zedriga has demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience during this difficult time. Bobi Wine concluded announcement by offering prayers for Amani’s soul to rest in eternal peace.

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