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Playboi Carti’s Intriguing Mask Draws Comparisons to Slipknot



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Playboi Carti has long been known for his eclectic influences within the rap scene. His 2020 album “Whole Lotta Red” pushed boundaries and introduced innovative styles to mainstream hip-hop, leaving a lasting impact on emerging rappers. Among his cited influences is Kanye West, who is renowned for his penchant for donning various masks in public, ranging from ski masks to hockey masks. However, a recent video of Carti sporting an elaborate face covering has stirred up conversations online.

In a backstage video captured last month, the rapper appeared wearing a striking full black mask adorned with silver studs. While this mask may seem new to many rap enthusiasts, metal fans were quick to draw comparisons. Comments on the video likened Carti’s mask to the signature masks worn by the members of Slipknot, the iconic metal outfit known for their elaborate and often eerie appearances.

Fans couldn’t help but make specific references to Slipknot band members, with comments jokingly identifying Carti as Chris Fehn, a former percussionist for the band. The resemblance to Slipknot’s visual aesthetic sparked discussions among fans about Carti’s evolving style and influences.

While Carti has released a few singles over the past year, many fans eagerly await more formal releases from the rapper. DJ Akademiks recently hinted at the possibility of new material from Carti, igniting excitement among fans, albeit with a degree of skepticism considering Carti’s history of announcing projects without following through.

What are your thoughts on Playboi Carti’s new mask? Do you believe the comparisons to Slipknot are justified? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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