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NBA YoungBoy’s Son Trains with Grandfather Floyd Mayweather in Boxing



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NBA YoungBoy, known for his prolific rap career, also juggles the responsibility of fatherhood to nearly a dozen children by nine different women. His parenting approach, or lack thereof, has sparked debates, particularly as he currently resides under house arrest in Utah. In a recent interview, he admitted not prioritizing fatherhood, drawing both obvious and critical reactions from the public.

However, despite the controversies surrounding his parenting, the spotlight occasionally shines on YoungBoy’s children, especially when they share moments with notable figures. Kentrell Gaulden Jr., one of YoungBoy’s sons, is the grandson of legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather’s daughter YaYa and YoungBoy share Kentrell Jr., born in 2021. In a recent video posted on the mother’s Instagram story, the three-year-old showcases his budding talent as he engages in a playful sparring session with his grandfather Floyd.

Commentators on the video playfully speculate about the child’s potential boxing career, noting Mayweather’s influence on his grandson’s early training. Some jokingly remark about the child’s future prowess, while others use the occasion to criticize YoungBoy’s perceived absence in his children’s lives, highlighting Mayweather’s active role in the young boy’s upbringing.

NBA YoungBoy, meanwhile, remains active in his music career, recently releasing his album “Compliments Of Gravedigger Mountain.” With multiple projects slated for release this year, YoungBoy continues to expand his extensive discography, which already comprises over 30 full-length albums.

The video raises questions about the influence of Mayweather in Kentrell Jr.’s life compared to that of his biological father. What are your thoughts on Floyd Mayweather’s early boxing training with his grandson? Do you believe Kentrell Jr. spends more time with his grandfather than with his father? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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