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PostBank Uganda Launches ‘Wendi App’ to Revolutionize Interbank Collaboration



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PostBank Uganda unveiled the “Wendi App,” an innovative platform designed to foster cooperation among multiple banks. This technology is set to reshape Uganda’s banking landscape, providing customers with a comprehensive solution to access a wide range of banking services across various institutions.

The launch ceremony, held at Serena Hotel in Kampala, was graced by the presence of Mr. Michael Atingi-Ego, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Uganda. Atingi-Ego commended PostBank’s initiative, acknowledging it as a significant stride in the nation’s financial technology sector. During his keynote speech, he expressed optimism about the positive impact the Wendi App would have on Uganda’s banking industry.

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“We embrace the Wendi App as an innovative tool to encourage collaboration and healthy competition among financial institutions. This platform aligns with our vision for a modern, inclusive, and customer-centric banking ecosystem,” stated Atingi-Ego. “PostBank’s commitment to financial inclusion, digital innovation, and delivering the best services for Ugandans is truly commendable.”

Affirming the Bank of Uganda’s position, Atingi-Ego emphasized, “This vision of expansion of financial services aligns with our objectives, working to extend access to financial services to all, especially those at the lower economic strata.”

He further highlighted the focus on financial inclusion, ensuring access to savings for everyone, regardless of their financial status. He emphasized that various initiatives are in place to enhance financial access for all Ugandans.

Julius Kakeeto, Managing Director of PostBank Uganda, highlighted the bank’s achievement in automating around 2400 SACCOs, enabling them to operate as independent financial entities. Kakeeto also mentioned, “There are parish development committees that manage their accounts, eliminating the need for physical visits to the bank.”

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Kakeeto addressed the financial inclusion challenge in Uganda, stating, “At PostBank, we aim to approach financial inclusion differently. Wendi Wallet is designed to bring more Ugandans into the financial economy through affordability, paperless transactions, and collaborative services with other banks.”

“With Wendi, you don’t require an account with PostBank to access its full services. Even if you’re registered with another bank, you can enjoy the complete Wendi experience,” Kakeeto added.

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