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Run-DMC’s DMC Reveals Plans for Two Biopics Despite Initial Resistance



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Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of the iconic Run-DMC has disclosed that not just one but two biopics about the legendary group are currently in the works, despite his initial reluctance to explore that avenue.

In an interview with AllHipHop published on Thursday (February 1), DMC explained that he was initially resistant to the idea of making biopics, given the popularity of films like N.W.A’s biopic Straight Outta Compton. However, his involvement in the group’s new documentary, Kings From Queens, changed his perspective.

“I didn’t want to jump on a biopic bandwagon,” he said. “That’s why. After the documentary airs, you could tell a story. There’s so many stories in the Run-DMC biopic though. So after this airs, what segment are you going to take out of this to do the biopic? You’re going to tell D meets Run and this and that. That’s impossible to tell. So a little teaser is maybe we’ll do a biopic focusing on the Raising Hell years. That’ll be very interesting.”

While no official details have been confirmed in the film realm, the three-part docuseries titled Kings From Queens: The Run-DMC Story premiered on Peacock on Thursday (February 1).

In a separate interview with HipHopDX, DMC delved into Run-DMC’s ascent to fame during an era when superstars didn’t match their appearance or sound. Reflecting on the trio securing the first-ever brand deal in rap history with Adidas, he discussed the present state of fashion in the industry.

“We wasn’t selling a product; we was selling a spirit,” DMC asserted. “Yes, the wealth messed it up […] Now, these kids will lie, cheat, steal just to look like something that’s really not worth anything. Run-DMC’s relationship with Adidas is way bigger than Run-DMC and Adidas.”

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