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JPEGMAFIA Expresses Frustration Over Missed Collaborative Opportunities with Kanye West



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Article: JPEGMAFIA, the outspoken artist known for fearlessly addressing his passions, is currently immersed in the creation of his upcoming solo album, eagerly anticipated by fans. However, this weekend saw a shift in his focus as he directed his attention toward none other than Kanye West.

In a since-deleted rant, JPEGMAFIA aired his grievances about the renowned hitmaker, expressing disappointment over being passed up for collaborations in favor of other artists. Notably, he took aim at Kanye West for choosing to work with artists whom JPEG feels offer less than he does. This even extended to a pointed remark directed at Freddie Gibbs. In his words, “Also Kanye West, I respect u but the way u acknowledge ns who have less to offer u than me makes me feel a way. I’m a scientist in the lab, a surgeon, bruh. You skip over me for ns that’s getting their baby mommas [expletive] on camera. I wanna make money; [expletive] these n****s.”

Following the controversial rant, JPEGMAFIA took to social media to offer an apology while maintaining his perspective. He clarified that his desire was to collaborate with Kanye West, but now he’s indifferent to the situation and is solely focused on getting compensated for his work. Despite acknowledging his previous frustrations, he made it clear that he understands why Kanye might not want to work with him, citing that he is neither a rapist nor an unconventional figure.

JPEGMAFIA’s willingness to confront even the biggest names in the industry showcases his fearlessness, even if it means unsettling portions of their fanbase. Fans and enthusiasts are encouraged to share their thoughts on JPEGMAFIA and his candid comments in the comments section below.

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