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Keefe D, Accused in 2Pac Murder, Secures New Private Attorney Ahead of Trial



Keefe D, the man accused of involvement in 2Pac’s murder, has hired a new private attorney, Carl Arnold, replacing his public defenders. Keefe D, who initially couldn’t afford legal representation, secured a bail of $750K, and prosecutors opposed his release, considering him a significant risk.

His trial is scheduled for June, and the recent move to hire a private attorney adds a new dimension to the case. It remains to be seen if Keefe D and his family can gather the necessary funds for bail, which, if granted, would place him under house arrest.

In past statements, Keefe D has claimed his involvement was for “entertainment,” suggesting he believed he had immunity. His not guilty plea in November sets the stage for a trial that could result in life imprisonment if convicted. Stay tuned for updates on this high-profile case. Share your thoughts on Keefe D’s legal developments in the comments below.

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