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Gillie Da Kid and Jamal Crawford Exchange Words Ahead of Anticipated Basketball Showdown



The much-anticipated one-on-one basketball showdown between Gillie Da Kid and retired NBA star Jamal Crawford is heating up as the two exchange words on social media. Gillie, known for his confidence on the court, took to social media to share a highlight reel of his pick-up game skills, confidently stating what he plans to do to Crawford. In response, Crawford, a three-time Sixth Man of the Year, expressed that he won’t fall for Gillie’s moves, especially the “80’s moves.

” The challenge originated on Gillie’s podcast, where he boldly claimed he would “cook” Crawford on the court. However, Fat Joe joined the conversation, playfully roasting Gillie and expressing skepticism about his chances against the seasoned NBA veteran.

The basketball community and fans eagerly await the outcome of this showdown between Gillie Da Kid and Jamal Crawford. Share your predictions for the one-on-one matchup in the comments below.

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