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Cardi B Accuses Tasha K of Concealing Assets Amid Ongoing Legal Battle



The feud between Cardi B and gossip blogger Tasha K continues as legal documents reveal that Cardi’s team is actively pursuing subpoenas against Tasha K to uncover potential hidden assets. This latest development comes after Tasha K, who owes Cardi B $4 million for defamation, filed for bankruptcy in May. Cardi B won the defamation case in 2019, but Tasha K has been unable to fulfill the financial obligation.

The legal documents allege that Tasha K is avoiding compliance with subpoenas and may have information about offshore accounts allegedly held by her and her husband, which they claim were not disclosed in her bankruptcy filing.

Similar accusations have been made by comedian Kevin Hart, who accused Tasha K of attempting to extort him and avoiding financial liabilities through “shell entities” owned by her husband. As the legal battle continues, Cardi B remains determined to uncover the truth about Tasha K’s financial situation. Share your thoughts on this latest development in the comments below.

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