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Sukihana’s Bold Red Carpet Look at the 66th GRAMMY Awards Divides Fan Opinion



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The 66th GRAMMY Awards, a highlight in the music industry’s calendar, took place over the weekend, attracting a constellation of stars. However, the event didn’t just showcase musical triumphs but also generated headlines, with both positive and negative aspects. Notably, rapper Killer Mike experienced a mix of success and misfortune, securing three out of four rap categories before facing an unexpected arrest.

On the fashion front, red carpet looks ranged from the elegant to the attention-grabbing. Sukihana, a prominent figure in the new wave of “ratchet” female rappers known for explicit tracks on topics like sex, promiscuity, drugs, and violence, opted for a provocative black leather dress. The outfit featured a peek-a-boo design with sharp spikes on the cropped top, making it a focal point for fans and critics alike.

However, Sukihana’s fashion choice received mixed reviews. Some fans expressed disappointment, describing the dress as “ratchet,” and questioning the appropriateness of such attire. Criticism included comments like, “Yall always screaming ‘unapologetic’ when there really should be some apologizing going on 😪” and “Why do y’all embarrass y’all self in front of white people👩🏿👎🏼.” Yet, there were defenders who argued against the criticism, comparing it to the acceptance of similar outfits on non-Black celebrities.

The debate surrounding Sukihana’s red carpet appearance sparks questions about appropriateness, individual expression, and the standards applied to Black women in the public eye. What are your thoughts on Sukihana’s bold look at the 66th GRAMMY Awards? Do you believe fan reactions are justified, or is she entitled to wear what she wants? Share your opinions on the fashion choices at the event in the comments section below.

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