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T.I. and Tiny’s Daughter Heiress Wows Crowd with Impromptu Performance



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Heiress Harris, the daughter of T.I. and Tiny, showcased her budding talent with a captivating performance at a recent event, leaving the audience in awe.

The nearly eight-year-old stole the spotlight at singer Annie Tracey’s listening session for her new project, ACT II, where she surprised attendees with an impromptu performance. Having had an early listen to Tracey’s music, Heiress learned several songs and delighted the crowd with her rendition of one of them.

Annie Tracey took to Instagram on Wednesday (February 7) to share a video of the memorable moment, expressing her gratitude for Heiress’s support. “Words cannot express how much this moment meant to me,” she wrote in the caption. “She has been riding with me for so long and so has her amazing family. @majorgirl @tip thank you… Grateful is an understatement.”

She continued, “I love you @heiressdharris! I’m your biggest fan! thank you from the bottom of my heart for always supporting me & lifting me up. I’m so honored that you love my music.”

Following in the musical footsteps of her parents and siblings, Heiress made her radio debut with her holiday single, “What Does Christmas Mean To You?” in December. Her proud father, T.I., captured the moment as Atlanta’s DJ Greg Street premiered the song on V103, showcasing his daughter’s talent to the world.

Despite her evident musical prowess, T.I. has confessed that he never envisioned his children pursuing careers in entertainment. In an interview on Arian Simone’s Fearlessly Living podcast, the rapper emphasized the importance of Black representation in diverse professions to effect positive change in society.

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“I never really wanted them involved,” he admitted. “I just know how much treachery, how much betrayal and how much of the dark side that exists in this, and I never wanted to expose them to that. I wanted one of my kids to dive into real estate.”

While recognizing the value of entertainment careers, T.I. stressed the need for a broader spectrum of professional opportunities for Black individuals, emphasizing roles like lawyers, doctors, engineers, and architects as essential for societal progress.

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