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T-Pain Embraces Virtual Reality with Apple Vision Pro, Slim Thug and Kid Cudi Follow Suit



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T-Pain is bidding farewell to the mundane reality we know, opting instead to immerse himself in the world of virtual reality with the latest innovation from Apple.

In a social media video posted on Wednesday (February 8), the Florida native showcased himself donning the Apple Vision Pro over his eyes, delivering a review that could easily be mistaken for an advertisement for the tech giant.

“Ya’ll thought ya’ll was going to leave me in this mundane, bad graphics-havin’ ass, boring, no color-havin’ ass reality,” he exclaimed. “You’re sadly mistaken. You got another thing coming and I’m calling the cops ’cause you fit the description of a hater.”

Asserting his commitment to the device, T-Pain declared, “I’m going forever, I’m wearing this bitch everywhere — it’s over.” He also took a playful jab at the failure of Google Glass, suggesting that he refuses to be left behind in a world devoid of innovation.

But T-Pain isn’t the only artist captivated by the features of Apple’s latest creation. Slim Thug recently shared his experience with the virtual-reality headset, expressing his admiration for its capabilities.

Taking to social media earlier this week, the Houston rapper praised the technology, highlighting its ability to project adult entertainment stars in a remarkably realistic manner. “This shit crazy, man. I got OnlyFans on right now,” he remarked, marveling at the lifelike depiction.

Meanwhile, Kid Cudi has also been exploring the possibilities of the Apple Vision Pro. In a tweet over the weekend, the rapper shared his decision to forgo a Grammy after-party due to inclement weather, opting instead to indulge in the virtual world offered by the device.

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As artists continue to embrace the advancements in virtual reality technology, it’s clear that the Apple Vision Pro is making waves in the entertainment industry, offering users a new way to experience the world around them.

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