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The Game Supports Kanye West, Claims Cancel Culture Can’t Touch Him



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In a new trailer for the upcoming TMZ documentary titled “Kanye West: Unhinged but Unstoppable,” The Game voices his support for Kanye West, emphasizing that cancel culture is ineffective against those who don’t fear or care about being canceled. The documentary, set to premiere on Monday (February 5), features various celebrities from different genres rallying behind the enigmatic rapper.

The Compton rapper’s comments in the promotional clip highlight the essence of cancel culture and its dependency on the individual’s concern for being canceled. According to The Game, Kanye West’s resilience stems from his indifference towards cancel culture, making him impervious to its impact.

Last month, The Game made headlines when he asserted that Kanye West did more for his career than his ex-mentor, Dr. Dre, during an appearance on Drink Champs. Despite the provocative statement, The Game clarified that Dr. Dre wasn’t offended and understood the context of his comments.

Speaking about Kanye West’s contributions to his career, The Game stated, “Ye was doing a lot for me that he didn’t necessarily have to do. Ye has always been there for me and always had my back.” He acknowledged that while Dr. Dre had to protect his own interests, Kanye West consistently supported him without reservations.

Addressing the earlier comment about Dr. Dre, The Game expressed that he spoke his truth and doesn’t regret it. He noted that if he saw Dr. Dre today, he doesn’t believe the legendary producer would take offense. The Game affirmed that his relationship with Dr. Dre is built on respect, and he values the mentorship and guidance received from the N.W.A legend.

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While The Game acknowledged the significance of Dr. Dre’s contributions to his career, he maintained that Kanye West’s recent involvement was pivotal. Despite any differences, The Game emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating the support received from both influential figures in the music industry.

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