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Tony Yayo Applauds 50 Cent for Fully Funding Final Lap Tour



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As 50 Cent’s Final Lap tour continues to garner acclaim, Tony Yayo has offered insight into the behind-the-scenes operations, revealing that the entire tour was solely financed by the rap mogul himself. Since its commencement in July last year, the tour has seen over 70 performances across 20 countries, earning accolades for its electrifying shows, extensive guest appearances, and relentless work ethic.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Tony Yayo expressed admiration for the tour’s scale and organization, emphasizing 50 Cent’s meticulous planning and financial commitment. “Everybody’s coming there, of course, to work for 50, ’cause 50 cuts the budget. But when you think of everything that’s behind it, from production, road management, catering, dancers, f*ckin’ stewardess on the jet, pilots — everybody’s like one big team,” he revealed. “And 50 pays for everything.”

Yayo also disclosed that 50 Cent ensured fair compensation for everyone involved, including himself. According to him, the tour’s merchandise sales alone generated substantial revenue, highlighting 50 Cent’s enduring status as an icon in the industry. “His merch is in the millions. He’s an icon,” Yayo remarked, underscoring the tour’s financial success.

Despite the lucrative opportunities presented by the tour, Yayo opted not to pursue his own merchandise sales, citing his satisfaction with his earnings. “I’m making six figures, so why would I bother you for more? It’s cool. I’m not worried about that. Trust me, I’m making a great check […] The money is great, the money is excellent,” he affirmed.

Yayo’s revelations shed light on 50 Cent’s dedication to delivering exceptional experiences for fans while ensuring the well-being and financial security of his team. The Final Lap tour stands as a testament to 50 Cent’s entrepreneurial prowess and commitment to excellence in the entertainment industry. Share your thoughts on Tony Yayo’s insights and 50 Cent’s tour financing in the comments section below.

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