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VIDEO : Singer Esther Sings Delivers Live Performance on Metro FM 90.8 With Omusawo Tintah



In a recent captivating episode of Metro FM 90.8’s show hosted by Omusawo Tintah, USA-based singer Esther Sings graced the airwaves with her soulful melodies and inspiring journey. The interview, filled with heartfelt exchanges and enlightening moments, provided listeners with a glimpse into Esther’s life as an artist and her deep connection to her craft.

Esther, whose musical prowess spans across genres like reggae and gospel, shared insights into her experiences as a black woman navigating the music industry in America. Despite the challenges she faces, Esther remains determined to make her mark and inspire other women to pursue their passions unapologetically.

Reflecting on her journey, Esther opened up about personal tragedies, including the loss of her child, which profoundly impacted her life and fueled her artistic expression. Through her music, Esther finds solace and strength, channeling her emotions into heartfelt compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide.

During the interview, Esther also discussed her achievements, including recognition on iTunes charts and Spotify streams, showcasing her rising prominence in the music scene. Under the management of African Voice Production, Esther continues to strive for excellence, pushing boundaries and seeking opportunities to collaborate with artists globally.

As the conversation delved deeper, Esther expressed her desire to connect with her Ugandan roots and explore opportunities to collaborate with African artists. Despite never having visited Africa, Esther’s heart remains tied to her motherland, fueling her passion to share her music with audiences across the continent.

Throughout the interview, Esther’s humility and resilience shone brightly, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and reaffirming her commitment to her craft. With her unwavering dedication and soul-stirring music, Esther Sings continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide, spreading love and positivity through her artistry.

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