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Tyana Bax Releases New Song “Misana Tuku” Expressing Love for Zari’s Partner Shakib Cham



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Israel-based Ugandan artist Tyana Bax has unveiled her latest song, “Misana Tuku,” where she openly declares her affection for Zari Hassan’s partner, Shakib Cham, urging him to consider a serious relationship with her.

For about a month now, Tyana Bax has been using her social media platforms to express her deep love for Shakib Cham, stating her willingness to become a second wife due to her admiration for him. She sees him as a symbol of male elegance and believes she cannot afford to miss out on such a charismatic man. Her sentiments culminated in the release of her new song, “Misana Tuku.”

According to Tyana Bax, she is unafraid of judgment as expressing her desires is not a crime.

The R&B song “Misana Tuku,” released on Monday, has quickly gained popularity across the country, dominating airwaves, social media platforms, and social gatherings. While some are questioning the necessity of forcing a relationship, others applaud Tyana Bax for her boldness in making her feelings known.

Part of the song’s lyrics reads, “I’m not in competition, I’m ready for the mission of love. I want to overcome any opposition because I want to be with you, my love.”

Tyana Bax’s discography includes other singles such as “The Nyongera,” “Omukuto,” “Oliwabula,” “Irrigate,” “Gukuba,” and “Owooma.”

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