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Lil Baby and DJ Akademiks Spar Over Alleged Painted Nails



Lil Baby and DJ Akademiks have found themselves embroiled in another feud, this time over what appears to be painted nails. The clash began when Akademiks took to social media to call out the rapper for a scene in his latest music video where Lil Baby is seen flipping the bird, with his middle finger appearing to have a glossy sheen. Akademiks wasted no time in pointing this out and accusing Lil Baby of wearing nail polish.

“Dis n***a ain’t been the same since them Michael Rubin parties,” Akademiks commented on the clip. “I kno his nails not painted… man wats going on in rap.” His commentary didn’t end there as he followed up with a photo of Lil Baby and male friends at Rubin’s Independence Day white party last year, captioning it, “The day we lost Lil Baby.”

However, Lil Baby swiftly responded to the allegations. He took to his Instagram Story with a photo of his hand, emphasizing his unpainted nails. “Y’all blogs gotta stop just posting anything,” he retorted. “I ain’t painting my MF nails. At this point y’all gotta see n**as like Akademiks got an agenda. Miss me with that weird sht (No lol).” Despite denying the claims, Lil Baby acknowledged that other rappers, like Drake, have proudly sported polished nails in the past.

Drake himself has defended his choice to keep his nails polished, attributing it to preventing himself from biting them. He has previously criticized those who criticized him for it, labeling the backlash as homophobic.

What are your thoughts on the Lil Baby and DJ Akademiks feud resurfacing? Do you believe Lil Baby’s denial of having painted nails? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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