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Unveiling the Mystery: Artist Clarifies Origins of 6ix9ine Statue in Cuba



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This week witnessed the emergence of one of the most peculiar stories in recent rap news, as images of a new bronze statue of 6ix9ine surfaced in Cuba, causing a stir online. Initially, the lack of information surrounding the statue led to speculation that it might be a self-funded publicity stunt by the rapper himself. However, the artist responsible for the creation took to Instagram today to provide some clarity.

The artist shared additional close-up pictures, showcasing the intricate details of the statue. While initial debates centered around its resemblance to the rapper, the full perspective presented in the new images brings it closer to capturing 6ix9ine’s likeness. In the caption accompanying the post, the artist revealed that the statue was commissioned and paid for by a client who does not appear to be 6ix9ine. The motive behind the statue, the identity of the patron, and the cost involved remain unclear.

As the 6ix9ine statue garners attention, it’s worth noting that the rapper is currently stuck in the Dominican Republic, having faced assault charges last year. Fans created a scene both at the location of his arrest and the prison upon his release. Due to legal constraints, 6ix9ine must remain in the country for six months following his arrest, with approximately half of that time already elapsed. Legal proceedings are expected to conclude later this year, allowing him to return home.

In December, 6ix9ine teased his fans on social media about upcoming music, asserting that his new album was nearing completion and might even see a 2023 release. While the album did not materialize within the projected timeframe, fans are hopeful that the project is still on track. What are your thoughts on someone other than 6ix9ine funding the placement of a statue in Cuba? Share your opinions in the comments section

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