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Usher Opens Up About Desire to Collaborate with Justin Timberlake



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Usher’s recent surge in popularity has sparked numerous discussions about his career and future projects. Following his electrifying Super Bowl halftime performance and the release of his new album “Coming Home,” Usher has become a hot topic in the music industry. Amidst the buzz, he sat down for an interview where the conversation veered towards his relationship with fellow pop icon Justin Timberlake and the possibility of a collaboration.

Given their parallel success in the early 2000s, comparisons between Usher and Timberlake were inevitable. However, Usher dismissed any notion of rivalry, emphasizing that he views himself as his only competition. He expressed admiration for Timberlake’s legacy and clarified that he has always respected him as an artist.

In a surprising revelation, Usher disclosed his longstanding desire to collaborate with Timberlake. Despite multiple attempts to initiate a collaboration in the past, logistical hurdles prevented their musical partnership from materializing. However, with Timberlake’s upcoming album slated for release in March, Usher hinted at the potential for a collaboration before the album’s drop.

Now, fans are eagerly speculating about the possibility of a Usher-Timberlake collaboration and the potential impact it could have on both artists’ careers. Do you think they can make it happen in time for Timberlake’s album release? Share your thoughts on this potential collaboration and Usher’s recent Super Bowl performance in the comments below.

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