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Zari Hassan Affirms Plans to Have a Child with Husband, Shakib



Zari Hassan Affirms Plans to Have a Child with Husband, Shakib
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Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan has confirmed her active pursuit of expanding her family, aiming to have a child with her husband, Mr. Shakib Lutaaya.

The revelation emerged as a response to public inquiries about her intentions to conceive with her current partner. The query surfaced due to the age disparity between the couple, prompting speculation regarding Zari’s biological clock and the timing of menopause, despite Mr. Shakib Lutaaya being younger and full of vitality.

“It’s in our plans to have a child. Mr. Lutaaya and I are working on it,” expressed Zari Hassan in response to the inquiries.

Zari and Shakib were in a relationship for nearly two years before formalizing their union this year when Shakib proposed to Zari. Recently, the couple tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony, the exclusive rights of which were sold to Netflix.

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