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50 Cent Explores Bringing Ice Cube’s Big3 League to Shreveport After NBA Game



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Following an entertaining NBA game between the Celtics and Rockets, 50 Cent has developed a keen interest in basketball, particularly Ice Cube’s Big3 league. Expressing his excitement, the G-Unit mogul revealed his desire to bring the Big3 to Shreveport. In a social media post, 50 Cent stated, “I had so much fun at the Boston/Rockets game, man. I told @icecube I want to bring the Big3 to Shreveport. All roads lead to Shreveport; it’s a go!” This decision comes after 50 Cent established a significant film and television studio in the Louisiana city.

Unlike conventional sports leagues, the Big3 does not have fixed home cities, instead opting to travel from one city to another for each game day. While Shreveport may not be recognized as a basketball-centric city with its primary arena being associated with LSU-Shreveport’s NAIA college program, 50 Cent’s commitment could potentially lead to the creation of a temporary facility for hosting Big3 league games.

Kai Cenat Seeks Role in “Power” After Encounter with 50 Cent at NBA Game

The NBA game experience had more in store for 50 Cent beyond his interest in the Big3. Kai Cenat, expressing his desire to join the cast of “Power,” recounted a meeting with 50 Cent at a recent Knicks-Bucks game. Cenat shared, “Then 50 pulled back up, looking directly at me. This n-gga literally puts his hand on my shoulder—‘Yo brah, take a picture with my little mans real quick; he f-ck with you.'” Cenat reflected on the missed opportunity to discuss his aspiration with 50 Cent, expressing his wish for everyone to help circulate a video conveying his interest in joining the “Power” series.

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Throughout 2023, Kai Cenat has been gaining prominence, receiving a Christmas present from Ice Spice, which turned out to be one of Spice’s branded chia pets. While Cenat was thrilled to receive the gift, he humorously noted that the chia pet didn’t closely resemble Spice. Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude for the thoughtful gesture from the high-profile rapper.

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