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600Breezy Exposes the Risks of Ties with Drake, Recounts XXXTentacion Beef Triggered by Unforgivable Disrespect



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In a recent conversation with No Jumper, 600Breezy shed light on the potential hazards of being associated with Drake, unveiling some of the challenges that come with proximity to the Toronto superstar. The rapper recalled an intense feud between Drake and XXXTentacion, noting that the conflict escalated when the late XXXTentacion crossed a line by disrespecting Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham.

Reflecting on the incident, 600Breezy remarked, “It was bound to happen, bro. Rest in peace to him, you feel me, but Drake’s my homie.” He emphasized the uniqueness of Drake’s situation, highlighting how, prior to XXXTentacion, no one had dared to confront Drake in such a manner. “I’ve met his mom multiple times,” 600Breezy shared. “She’s a sweet, precious lady. Soft-spoken, and her presence in the room is amazing. So why would you mess with her when you don’t even know her?”

600Breezy went on to reveal that it was at that moment he felt compelled to take action against XXXTentacion. However, XXXTentacion is not the only rapper 600Breezy has clashed with recently. He also engaged in a feud with King Yella, expressing strong dissatisfaction after 1090 Jake leaked incriminating paperwork. The leaked transcripts revealed conversations between King Yella and law enforcement officials about other artists, which 600Breezy interpreted as potential “snitching.”

In a video shared on social media, 600Breezy issued a direct warning to King Yella, asserting, “When I catch you, I’ma beat the [expletive] out of you. You’re supposed to stand against the police; you’re a goofy. I’ll pull up to Vegas, however you want to do it. You’re a goofy.”

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The revelation of the XXXTentacion incident has sparked discussion about the limits of rap beef and the consequences of crossing personal boundaries in the industry. What are your thoughts on 600Breezy’s perspective on the XXXTentacion beef? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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1 Comment

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