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Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta Slams ‘Disgraceful’ VAR Decision in Newcastle’s Win Over Arsenal



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Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager, expressed profound frustration and disbelief at the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decision that allowed Newcastle’s winning goal during their 1-0 defeat. Arteta labeled the incident as “embarrassing” and a “disgrace.”

Anthony Gordon scored the sole goal after three VAR checks, all favoring Newcastle, raising questions about the goal’s legitimacy. Despite the checks, which included verifying whether the ball went out of play, if a foul had been committed, and potential offside, the goal stood.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Arteta exclaimed, “We didn’t deserve to lose the match. We lose the match because of the clear and obvious decisions. It’s embarrassing. A disgrace. That’s what it is – a disgrace.”

He continued his outrage in an interview with BBC Sport, saying, “It’s embarrassing what happened – how this goal stands, in the Premier League – this league we say is the best in the world. I’ve been 20 years in this country and now I feel ashamed.”

Amid his disgust, Arteta highlighted that the goal was not justified for various reasons and indicated that the decisions led to doubts and confusion, emphasizing that certain occurrences should not be allowed in football. His emotions intensified, describing how the incident made him feel “sick.”

However, Newcastle manager Eddie Howe defended the goal, stating, “It looked a good goal to me.”

The winning goal came after several VAR checks, including examination of whether the ball had gone out of play, potential fouls, and offside, ultimately concluding that there was no definitive evidence to annul the goal.

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Experts and pundits had conflicting opinions regarding the checks, with former players and analysts arguing over the potential foul on Gabriel and the uncertainties surrounding the goal’s legitimacy. Despite differing viewpoints, it was evident that the final decision was a contentious one, leading to heightened tensions between both camps.

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