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Ashanti Laughs Off Nelly’s Tooth Mishap in Hilarious Video Exchange



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Ashanti found herself in fits of laughter at Nelly’s expense after the rapper lost his tooth during Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, as captured in a candid video shared on Instagram.

In the clip posted by Nelly himself, the “My Place” star showcases his missing tooth to the camera, jokingly lamenting, “I knocked my goddamn tooth out my mouth.”

He then proceeds to video call his girlfriend Ashanti to share the mishap, with the R&B singer finding the situation utterly amusing.

“Babe, where is it? I found it for you when we was in Miami. Where are the spares?” Ashanti quips amidst laughter, implying that Nelly has a history of misplacing his teeth.

In jest, Nelly retorts, “There ain’t no fucking spares, what the fuck you talking about?! Yo, you need to shut the fuck up right now.”

Unfazed, Ashanti counters with playful banter, teasing, “Don’t tell me to shut the fuck up. I had some spares for you,” before breaking into laughter.

In a light-hearted moment, Nelly asks, “You still love me?” to which Ashanti affirms, “Yes, of course,” prompting Nelly to humorously suggest, “You can stick your tongue in it,” referring to the gap in his mouth.

Fans also joined in the amusement, with comments expressing amusement over Nelly’s tooth predicament and the couple’s playful dynamic.

Nelly and Ashanti, who previously dated from 2003 to 2013 before reuniting last year, have been open about their rekindled romance, with friends like Ja Rule and Fat Joe offering insights into their renewed connection.

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