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Joe Budden Slams Logic’s Emotional Interview with Father, Expresses Disdain



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Joe Budden has expressed strong criticism towards Logic’s tearful interview with his father about childhood trauma, revealing he felt the urge to “smack” the rapper during the emotional exchange.

During the latest episode of his podcast, Budden delivered a scathing tirade against Logic’s emotional conversation with his dad, Robert Bryson Hall Sr.

“I feel sorry for him… I feel sorry for the people that feel they have to speak down on their parents ’cause they have resentments,” Budden began. “And if you wanna do that, you don’t have to do that on camera for the sake of content.”

Budden then went on to address what he perceives as Logic’s internal struggles and identity crisis, particularly regarding his mixed-race background. He criticized Logic’s use of racial slurs and called him out for what he sees as an “internal identity crisis.”

“I didn’t need this interview to know that Logic hates his dad … You have no problem leasing the blackness that dad gave you even though, by your admission, you and dad are not [close],” Budden remarked.

The podcaster also disputed Logic’s story about his father asking him for $850,000 to buy a house, dismissing it as “a crock of shit.”

Logic’s emotional interview with his father, which took place on his podcast Logically Speaking, saw the rapper tearfully addressing his father’s past crack addiction and expressing the pain of feeling abandoned during his childhood.

Despite Budden’s criticism, Logic has yet to respond publicly to his remarks.

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