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Asian Doll and Mariahlynn’s Altercation Takes a Dark Turn on Baddies Caribbean



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Conflict is no stranger to the women of Baddies, but a recent altercation between Asian Doll and Mariahlynn escalated to a concerning level. Asian Doll revealed that Mariahlynn was left with a black eye and had to seek medical attention after their scuffle, raising eyebrows about the intensity of the situation. In a recent Instagram Live session, Asian Doll discussed the incident, seemingly unapologetic and ready to embrace her role in the cast, ensuring no shortage of drama.

The exact trigger for the fight remains unclear, although speculation suggests it could be related to Mariahlynn discussing Asian Doll’s personal affairs online. Allegedly, tensions between the two have been brewing for years, with Mariahlynn being vocal about Asian Doll’s involvement in Baddies Caribbean when it was announced. This led to an anticipated confrontation when the two crossed paths on set.

This isn’t the first time Mariahlynn has found herself injured after a physical altercation. Just last month, she was left bloodied during a tumultuous episode on the Baddies East cast’s trip to Jamaica. A rift between Mariahlynn and fellow cast members Sukihana and Sapphire reached its peak during a day at the river, with Mariahlynn accusing them of orchestrating an ambush.

While some observers criticize Mariahlynn for repeatedly getting embroiled in conflicts, others feel sympathy for her and believe her castmates should ease up, considering her history of negative outcomes from fights. The ongoing drama begs the question of whether the cast of Baddies Caribbean has crossed a line, especially with Mariahlynn’s hospitalization. Share your thoughts on the situation in the comments section below.

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