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Benzino Reveals Collaborative Effort in Crafting Eminem Diss Tracks



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Following Eminem’s recent shots at Benzino on “Doomsday Pt. 2,” reigniting their longstanding feud, the Source icon responded with two diss tracks, “Vulturius” and “Rap Elvis.” In a recent Instagram Live session, Benzino shed light on the creative process behind the diss tracks, acknowledging that he had assistance in writing them.

During the live session, Benzino openly discussed his approach, stating, “Look, I was in the studio, and I was in the studio with some guys, and I was writing, and they were passing me lines.” He went on to draw parallels, suggesting that collaboration in hip-hop is commonplace. Benzino noted, “It’s hip-hop, it’s okay. The bottom line was I spit it, and the bottom line was I killed it. And the bottom line was that a lot of that sh*t, I’ve been researching for years.”

While emphasizing that collaborative efforts are part of the creative process, Benzino expressed confidence in his performance and the impact of his diss tracks. He acknowledged the presence of a team in the studio, drawing a parallel with Eminem potentially receiving input from fellow artists like Royce. Despite critical comments, Benzino remains steadfast in his conviction.

In another Instagram Live session, Benzino confidently asserted that he had “cooked” Slim Shady with his diss tracks, acknowledging that he, too, faced criticism “back in the day.” The ongoing exchange of diss tracks has sparked debates among fans about who holds the upper hand in the renewed feud.

As the rap community observes the unfolding dynamics between Eminem and Benzino, opinions differ on the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in crafting diss tracks. What are your thoughts on Benzino’s revelation about receiving assistance in writing his Eminem diss tracks? Do you think collaboration is a common practice in hip-hop, or does it impact the authenticity of diss tracks? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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