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Justin Timberlake Sparks Speculation with Apology Comment at NYC Performance



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During a recent performance in New York City, Justin Timberlake stirred controversy with a comment that has left numerous fans speculating about its intended target. The moment occurred when Timberlake paused during the show, expressing a desire to issue an apology, only to declare, “to absolutely f***ing nobody.” The cryptic remark has triggered discussions among fans, with some theorizing that it may be directed at Britney Spears.

Following the comment, Timberlake transitioned into performing “Cry Me A River,” a track widely associated with his past relationship with Spears. The pop icon, in turn, addressed Timberlake in her memoir, “The Woman In Me,” and later apologized for her remarks. Notably, she also praised his song “Selfish” as “soo gooD.”

In response to Timberlake’s rumored diss, Spears took to Instagram to share what appears to be a pointed reply, emphasizing that she has no apologies to offer either. Captioning a photo of a basketball hoop, she wrote, “Someone told me someone was talking s*** about me on the streets !!! Do you want to bring it to the court or will you go home crying to your mom like you did last time??? I’m not sorry!!”

It’s worth noting that last year, Spears threw shade at Timberlake on Instagram, criticizing his purported lackluster basketball skills. The recent post seems to be a continuation of their playful online banter.

While some fans are convinced that Timberlake’s comment was aimed at Spears, others point out that the timing coincides with the anniversary of his infamous Super Bowl halftime show incident involving Janet Jackson. The incident, where Jackson’s breast was exposed, sparked controversy and led to apologies from both artists.

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The ambiguity surrounding Timberlake’s comment has fueled speculation and divided opinions on social media. Whether directed at Spears or connected to the Super Bowl incident, the incident has once again ignited discussions about Timberlake’s past controversies. What are your thoughts on Justin Timberlake’s comment during the NYC performance? Do you believe it was a diss toward Britney Spears, related to the Super Bowl incident, or potentially something else? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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