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Beyoncé Confirms Release of Country Album “Renaissance: Act II” with Surprise Singles



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Beyoncé has officially confirmed the speculation among fans that the sequel to her monumental 2022 release “Renaissance: Act I” will indeed be a Country album, with the surprise release of two new singles.

The global superstar unveiled the arrival of “Renaissance: Act II” in a multi-layered reveal, starting with a new Super Bowl ad for Verizon. The ad features Beyoncé alongside the network’s iconic “Can You Hear Me Now” tech, attempting various schemes to “break the internet” once again.

The commercial climaxes with Beyoncé launching into space, as a fictional news anchor announces her plan to deliver the first live performance from space. In the ad’s final moments, Beyoncé declares, “Okay, they ready, drop the new music.”

The surprise Verizon ad successfully drove fans to her social media platforms in search of additional hints about her latest project. Shortly after the ad’s premiere, she unveiled a Texas-themed trailer for “Renaissance: Act II,” scheduled for release on March 29.

Just thirty minutes after sharing the trailer, Beyoncé returned to Instagram to announce the release of two new singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.” The artwork for the singles continues the silver theme introduced with the first “Renaissance” album.

The surprise drop follows speculation among fans that Beyoncé was teasing a Country release, piecing together hints from various sources. Fans pointed to Beyoncé’s country-inspired look at the 2024 Grammy Awards and a lyric from her 2019 single “Black Parade” as potential clues.

It’s worth noting that the original “Renaissance” album was intended to kick off a trilogy. In November, New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan suggested in a now-deleted tweet that “Act II” would be an “acoustic album,” with “Act III” set to be a collaboration with JAY-Z. However, Beyoncé’s camp neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

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Fans can watch the extended version of the Verizon ad titled “Can’t B Broke,” as well as the “Renaissance: Act II” trailer and listen to the two new singles below.

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