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Bishop Kibuuka’s Martyrs’ Day Plea: “Turn Away from Corruption and Embrace Moral Renewal



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In a fervent appeal to the Ugandan public, Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka, chairperson of the Christian Ecumenical Council of Uganda (CECU), utilized the solemnity of Martyrs’ Day to call for a collective rejection of societal ills. Amidst a backdrop of corruption scandals, religious intolerance, and moral decay, Bishop Kibuuka’s message struck a deep chord.

Addressing a diverse congregation at the Mamre International Prayer Centre in Namugongo, Bishop Kibuuka highlighted the exemplary devotion of the Uganda Martyrs, who, despite hailing from various tribes, stood united in their faith. He lamented the infiltration of Western vices such as homosexuality and abortion, urging Ugandans to resist these influences.

“We must emulate the selflessness and dedication of the Uganda Martyrs,” he declared passionately. “By abandoning tribalism, nepotism, and all forms of deceit, let our faith be more than mere words; let it transform our actions and society.”

Bishop Kibuuka’s words resonated not only among Christians but also across religious and political lines. His call for genuine living, characterized by truth, honesty, and compassion, echoed as a clarion call for national renewal and moral revival.

Gerald Nangoli, Member of Parliament for Elgon North in Bulambuli district, echoed Bishop Kibuuka’s sentiments during his address as the guest of honor at the Martyrs’ Day celebrations. Against a backdrop of rampant corruption, Nangoli urged Ugandans to reflect on the Martyrs’ unwavering devotion and sacrifice.

“In the face of corruption and moral decay,” Nangoli proclaimed, “we must remember the Martyrs’ legacy of selflessness and righteousness. Let us not squander our resources but use them for the common good.”

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His impassioned plea for national unity in combating corruption struck a chord with the audience. As applause filled the air, Nangoli emphasized the accountability before God for their actions, urging a collective effort towards building a more just and equitable society.

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