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Blu Unveils Catalog of Classics on Streaming Platforms, Introducing Bonus Tracks and Instrumentals



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Renowned MC Blu has made a significant move by releasing a collection of his old albums on various streaming services, accompanied by new bonus tracks and instrumentals. The 40-year-old artist took to social media on January 1 to share the exciting news about the digital debut of several of his previous works, including “California Soul” (2002), “Open” (2009), “The GODlee Barnes” (2010), “GOD Is Good” (2010), and “Good GOD” (2010).

Blu expressed his enthusiasm for the re-release of his debut album, “California Soul,” stating, “This was the very first project I ever had pressed up. Available now for the first time on DSPs, the project features production by L’s, with additional contributions from Bombay and Ariano. Notable collaborations include appearances by my good friends Miguel, Donel Smokes, and Cashus King.”

Discussing “Open,” Blu shared that the album, along with its instrumental version, is a compilation of songs created by various artists in 2009. In a similar vein, Blu introduced “The GODlee Barnes” as a collection of instrumentals crafted using only a computer mouse and Pro Tools from 2008-2010, describing it as his personal favorites.

The artist then delved into the background of “GOD Is Good” (2010), referring to it as the “soundtrack to life” and revealing that it was initially titled “GOD Is Good (In The Hood, Where I Lay Everyday, South Central LA).” Blu produced the entire project in 2009, with notable features from Miguel, Exile, Cashus King, Sene, and more. Additionally, Blu introduced “Good GOD” as a compilation of bonus cuts created during the “GOD Is Good” sessions.

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Blu’s move to upload these classics on streaming platforms follows a trend in the music industry, with artists like De La Soul successfully sharing their entire catalog on DSPs last year. The delayed and legally contested release of De La Soul’s first six albums garnered immense anticipation from fans, resulting in impressive streaming numbers and chart performances.

In March, Billboard reported that De La Soul’s catalog amassed 12.5 million official on-demand U.S. song streams in a single week, along with 28,000 album sales. The group’s debut album, “3 Feet High and Rising,” claimed the top spot as the most streamed album for the week and secured positions on multiple Billboard charts, showcasing the enduring impact of their 1989 LP.

The lead single from De La Soul’s debut, “Me, Myself and I,” emerged as the group’s most streamed song, with one million on-demand streams, reinforcing the significance of making classic music accessible to contemporary audiences on digital platforms.

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