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Blueface Imparts Unconventional Wisdom in Instagram Message to Young Black Kings



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Blueface, the charismatic and often unpredictable rapper, once again took center stage on his Instagram Story, sharing unconventional words of wisdom for “young Black kings.” The California artist started by addressing the influence of women in men’s lives, suggesting they can captivate hearts, minds, and souls. However, just when it seemed like Blueface was taking a more serious tone, he quickly reminded everyone of his penchant for antics, showcasing his signature irreverent style.

In his (almost) inspirational message, Blueface imparted a unique lesson: “If there’s one thing that I want you young Black kings to learn from me, it’s that these women, they can take your heart, they can take your mind, they can take your soul. But they can never take your dk from you, na! So keep your fing dk in your hand, n*a! Keep your dk in your hand, and you gon’ be alright at night.”

Given Blueface’s current relationship drama, including a recent incident involving his baby mama Chrisean Rock, where he “rescued” their son from a babysitter at 4 AM, his advice takes on a context that aligns with his own experiences. The rapper reportedly engaged in a physical altercation during the incident, leading to a brief public spat with Chrisean. As with his previous controversies, it appears that Blueface’s life is a continual source of headline-worthy events.

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In another recent episode, the 26-year-old participated in a Funny Marco interview where he amusingly walked away after the comedian struggled to name three of his songs. Despite the comical exchange, Blueface remains committed to ensuring that his name stays in the public consciousness, inviting engagement from his audience in his own distinctive manner.

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