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Nick Cannon Sparks Controversy with ZEUS Network’s Dark Skin vs. Light Skin Event in Las Vegas



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Renowned for his knack for controversy, Nick Cannon has once again stirred the online pot, and this time it’s for a significant reason. Teaming up with the ZEUS network, Cannon revealed a fresh promotion set to unfold in Las Vegas tonight. However, both he and the promoter swiftly found themselves amidst allegations of colorism, and the reasons are glaring.

The event is explicitly themed as a dark skin vs. light skin battle, prompting thousands of fans online to express their dissatisfaction. Many pointed out the stark contrast between Cannon’s public discourse and the nature of the event he is endorsing, leading to a surge of accusations labeling him as hypocritical.

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While Cannon is widely recognized for his expanding brood with various mothers, fans couldn’t help but chuckle when he recently declared spending over $200,000 annually at Disneyland. This amusing revelation took place during his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, eliciting delight from the hosts.

Adding to the mix of recent controversies, Cannon faced fan backlash for asserting that Drake’s latest album, “For All The Dogs,” is his best work to date. Fans largely disagreed, citing other records they believe surpass the proclaimed favorite. What are your thoughts on Nick Cannon and the ZEUS Network’s divisive dark skin vs. light skin competition? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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