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Kanye West Snatches TMZ Photographer’s Phone Amid Questions About Wife Bianca Censori



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Kanye West made headlines when he abruptly grabbed a TMZ photographer’s phone during an encounter on Hollywood Blvd. The incident unfolded as the photographer inquired about rumors suggesting Kanye’s alleged control over his wife, Bianca Censori, and reports of restrictions on her social media activity.

In video footage capturing the incident, West forcefully swats the camera away upon mention of Censori, expressing frustration with the line of questioning. “Don’t come after me with your dumbass sht,” West retorted. “I’m a person, bro. You’re recording. Don’t come ask me that dumbass sht. I’m a person.” Although initially hesitant to return the phone, West eventually offers the photographer a job with double the pay they receive at TMZ.

Amidst speculations about Ye exerting control over Censori’s social media usage, an insider shared insights with Page Six. The source stated that Kanye discourages his wife from using social media, fearing the potential impact of negative comments. According to the insider, West believes that as a public figure, maintaining a sense of mystery is crucial, considering it a form of protection rather than control. Notably, Ye had been sharing revealing photos of Censori on his own Instagram account.

This altercation follows a recent incident earlier this month when West and Censori faced harassment from a stranger in Los Angeles. The aggressor approached the couple, repeatedly shouting insults and referencing Playboi Carti. As tensions rise, the public remains attentive to further developments in Kanye West’s interactions with the media. Stay tuned for additional updates on this ongoing story.

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