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Blueface’s Claims of Empowering Women Raise Eyebrows Amidst Past Controversies



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Blueface recently took to Twitter to declare, “I empower women, I respect women,” sparking intrigue given his tumultuous relationship history. Despite his efforts to elevate his baby mamas into successful artists, a closer look at his treatment and public statements about these women paints a more concerning picture, raising questions about the authenticity of his claims. The rapper’s chaotic relationships, often played out on social media, contribute to a pattern that contradicts the narrative of empowerment and respect.

Amid reactions and memes on social media, reflecting on instances where Blueface’s actions contradicted his statements, the discourse surrounding the rapper’s personal life remains both contentious and highly publicized. Notably, Blueface has a new show on Zeus where he attempts to guide his baby mamas towards success, adding another layer to the already complex narrative.

In another development, Blueface found himself in a spat with fellow rapper X4 during an Instagram Live session. X4 dissed Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, leading to a heated exchange in the DMs. Blueface challenged X4 to back up his words, inviting him to “pull up to the hood” the next day. The exchange escalated with accusations and challenges, showcasing the intensity of the disagreement.

As the controversies continue to unfold, Blueface remains a prominent figure in both the hip-hop scene and the public eye, with fans and critics closely following the developments in his personal and professional life.

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