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Bobi Wine Accuses President Museveni of Atrocities and Dictatorial Actions



Bobi Wine Accuses President Museveni of Atrocities and Dictatorial Actions
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Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine and leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), has strongly criticized President Yoweri Museveni’s government, equating it to the notorious regime of Idi Amin, denouncing various atrocities and actions committed during Museveni’s rule.

Kyagulanyi accused Museveni of unlawfully seizing power through a conflict that resulted in the loss of numerous Ugandan lives. He raised concerns about Museveni’s denunciation of former President Idi Amin Dada and his rejection of a request to establish an institute in Amin’s memory, emphasizing that Museveni had committed similar, if not worse, actions.

He questioned Museveni’s condemnation of violent power grabs, pointing to instances of alleged atrocities and crimes committed under Museveni’s rule, including massacres like the 1989 Mukura incident, the 2016 Kasese massacre, and the November 2020 killings in Kampala and other regions of Uganda.

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Enforced disappearances were also a key concern for Kyagulanyi, who accused Museveni’s regime of continuing the practice of abducting citizens on a daily basis. Kyagulanyi highlighted alleged destruction of state institutions, appointment of loyal judges, manipulation of Parliament, and undermining of various other governmental agencies.

He further criticized Museveni for nepotism, sectarianism, abuse of power, and economic exploitation, alleging that Museveni and his inner circle monopolized the country’s resources while impoverishing the majority of the population.

Kyagulanyi challenged Museveni to reflect on his actions and stated that the Ugandan people’s sentiments and historical polls indicate a preference for Idi Amin’s regime over Museveni’s current administration. He urged Museveni to consider the legacy he wishes to leave behind, suggesting that future actions will shape how history remembers him.

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The NUP leader demanded an inquiry into the alleged atrocities under Museveni’s rule and warned that, despite Amin’s flaws, the current government’s actions have been even more severe. He called for Museveni to reevaluate his governance for a chance to redeem his legacy.

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