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Boosie Badazz Envisions Relationship Goals, Reacts to Age Gap in Live Session



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Boosie Badazz sparked a conversation during a recent Instagram Live session when he spotted an elderly man accompanied by a younger woman, expressing his admiration for such relationships and jokingly envisioning himself in a similar scenario. The rapper shared his candid thoughts with his viewers, commenting on the dynamics he observed.

“Fine-a** Colombian b*h with that old-a white man,” Boosie remarked while engaging with his audience on the social media platform. Observing the couple, he humorously mused, “Oh, she taking him for his bankroll. Goddamn. That old man got some pressure with him. Goddamn. God damn! laughs That’s how I’ma be. 80 years old with a 35-year-old. laughs Look how them legs is in that, right there to the right with them old white legs. You can tell, them legs too small. She nice, though.”

The rapper’s commentary on age disparity in relationships follows a recent incident where he documented the apprehension of a stalker at his residence, reflecting on the unsettling experience during a previous Instagram Live session. Boosie recounted the persistent encounters, stating, “I’ve been going through that four months -– probably five months. That’s about, like, eight times coming and not wanting to leave. She crzy. Crzy ain’t the word but…”

Boosie Badazz’s musings on age gaps resonate with his own romantic situation, as highlighted by his current girlfriend, Rajel Nelson, who addressed criticism of their age difference in a recent Instagram Live session. Defending their relationship, Nelson stated, “I been on him since I was 18… This is the person who I’ve been with all my 20s. Let’s talk about how many relationships you wh*res have been in all y’all life.”

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Addressing detractors, Nelson emphasized that age should not define relationships, asserting, “Y’all come on here messing with me about me messing with somebody that’s older than me, but who cares? Exactly: ‘Girl, age don’t matter.’ There you have it. Nobody’s perfect.”

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