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Bre Tiesi Indicates Potential Move On from Relationship with Nick Cannon



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Nick Cannon, in an interview affirming his amicable relationship with all his children’s mothers, observed an interesting development regarding Selling Sunset star Bre Tiesi, with whom he shares son Legendary Love Cannon. Tiesi, on a recent episode of the Netflix show, conveyed signs of readiness to move forward from the relationship.

The former model described her bond with Cannon as a “new-age power position” type of love, emphasizing their freedom to explore relationships as long as mutual respect is upheld. However, she disclosed a potential discrepancy, suggesting Cannon might not be as accepting of her dating other men as she is of him dating other women.

Expressing contentment with her relationship and her autonomy in dating, Tiesi acknowledged Cannon’s potential concerns about her dating others. She emphasized her commitment to maintaining respect for Cannon and his situations, despite potential misunderstandings by others.

In September, both Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi revealed identical tattoos dedicated to their son, Legendary Love Cannon. Tiesi shared the tattoo process on Instagram, highlighting the significance of the ink and how they had planned it since her pregnancy.

More recently, they playfully recreated a scene from the 2009 film Dance Flick, where Cannon humorously poked fun at the idea of being a father to many children and his limited time with them, akin to a scene in the movie involving a father picking up his son.

These developments hint at a shift in Tiesi’s perspective, indicating a potential departure from the relationship with Nick Cannon.

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