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Brig Gen. Isoke’s SH-ACU Triumphs: A Year of Anti-Corruption Milestones in 2023″




In anti-corruption news, 2023 concluded with significant accomplishments by Brig Gen. Isoke-led SH-ACU, employing a robust strategy to expose corruption culprits across various levels.

During the first quarter of 2023, Brig Gen Henry Isoke coordinated multiple security agencies to swiftly unveil the mabaati scandal, implicating high-profile figures, including Ministers. The subsequent public trial of “Hon” Mary Kitutu, “Hon” Agnes Nandutu, and Amos Lugoloobi sent a powerful message that SH-ACU would pursue anyone, regardless of their position, for misappropriating public resources.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the fear of SH-ACU arrests became a palpable threat, prompting implicated individuals to avoid their offices and residences. Prior to the mabaati scandal, Brig Gen Isoke addressed corruption and abuse of office reports at Entebbe airport, effectively resolving the issue.

Beyond the mabaati scandal and Entebbe airport, SH-ACU continued to apprehend corruption pockets in local governments, leading to the recovery of public funds and the removal of implicated civil servants. Land grabbing and bribery cases also faced SH-ACU scrutiny, resulting in the arrest and court arraignment of a prosecutor, a magistrate, and Mr. Balondemu, the Lawyer and Kampala land board boss, accused of swindling billions from foreign investors.

Despite being a compact unit, SH-ACU demonstrated efficacy in combating corruption, with Brig Gen Isoke fostering inter-security-agency cooperation. His public awareness efforts, addressing various interest groups about the anti-corruption battle, further contribute to the unit’s impactful presence on the ground.

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