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Bugisu Cooperative Union : Muhamad Nabuyobo and Swalike Nambuye Reconcile With Nandala Mafabi



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Amid a history of opposition, the Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) witnesses a significant change in its landscape as two previously dissenting delegates, Muhamad Nabuyobo and Swalike Nambuye, opt to set aside differences and collaborate with the Nathan Nandala Mafabi-led board.

Initially, Nabuyobo and Nambuye, together with two other delegates, contested Nandala’s leadership in 2015, raising several financial impropriety allegations within the union. Their persistent petitions to government entities prompted frustration from the Minister of Cooperatives, Henry Gume, who advised them to reconcile with the union’s leadership, highlighting a lack of evidence to support their claims.

While their remaining colleagues maintain their stance against Nandala, Nabuyobo and Nambuye now aim to work alongside the current BCU board, highlighting the recent compliance audit by the parliamentary committee on cooperatives that found BCU in alignment with regulations. Nambuye, fatigued from battling Nandala’s leadership for nearly two decades, signaled a shift toward unity and development for Bugisu.

Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira, the Director of Sironko Valley Zone, welcomed the reconciliation and encouraged the remaining dissenters to follow suit. However, John Musila, the BCU board vice chairperson, reaffirmed the board’s commitment to transparency and pledged to work constructively with the delegates fostering collaboration.

Efforts to reach the two remaining petitioners for their comments were unsuccessful by the time of this report.

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