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Bukedde Journalist Lemisa Moses Allegedly Tortured by Police, UJA Calls for Urgent Action



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The Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) has raised alarm over the alleged torture of senior journalist Lemisa Moses, affiliated with Bukedde Paper-Vision Group, who was reportedly brutalized into a coma by two police officers at Kapapaali Mulago Police post on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

Kabuye Ronald, speaking on behalf of UJA in a press release, provided a detailed account of the incident. According to Kabuye, Moses was violently apprehended by two officers during an eviction operation while pursuing a story in the same area. He was then charged with criminal trespass on the police post.

The distressing aspect, as highlighted by Kabuye, was the deliberate force used by the arresting officers. Moses was forcefully pushed to the ground, resulting in severe head injuries and bruises on various parts of his body. Furthermore, his camera, phone, and identification card were confiscated, along with money taken from his pocket.

Subsequently, Moses lost consciousness and nearly succumbed to his injuries while detained in police cells. It was only after other detainees demanded medical attention for him that he was finally transferred to a nearby health facility.

Kabuye emphasized the illegality and violation of Moses’ rights, as well as the broader infringement on press freedom. UJA has called upon the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to investigate the two officers involved and take disciplinary action within one week from Friday, February 23, 2024.

Additionally, UJA demands that the officers issue a formal apology to Moses, compensate him for his damaged equipment, cover his medical expenses, and return the confiscated money.

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In the absence of a satisfactory response, UJA has warned of potential demonstrations by journalists to protest against increasing impunity and has expressed readiness to pursue legal avenues to address the matter.

The incident has sparked outrage within the journalistic community, highlighting concerns about the safety and protection of journalists in the line of duty. UJA’s swift response underscores the urgency of addressing such violations and upholding the principles of press freedom and human rights.

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