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Cam’ron Playfully Claps Back at Cardi B’s “Snitching” Accusation on Instagram



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Cam’ron took to Instagram on Monday night to humorously call out Cardi B for what he perceived as “snitching” on him, referencing her recent explanation for dissing Coach on her latest track “Like What.” Cardi faced backlash for her lyrics, where she dismissed the luxury brand, but she defended her stance by implicating Cam’ron in the matter, claiming he had made Coach bags uncool over a decade ago.

In his Instagram post directed at Cardi, Cam’ron jokingly urged her to stand firm on her lyrics, reminiscing about her past audacity. He humorously referenced following her on social media ten years ago when she didn’t care about such matters, contrasting it with her current stance. Cam’ron teased her about “copping a plea” and suggested that she had transformed from the fearless “BardiB” to someone more cautious.

Cardi’s controversial lyrics on “Like What” included lines like “Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want,” which triggered a social media storm. However, Cardi clarified her intentions, explaining that the song’s theme was about prioritizing authenticity over luxury, inspired by her admiration for Dipset.

Cardi’s comments sparked reactions not only from Cam’ron but also from Coach’s own social media pages, which expressed their love for the artist despite the lyrical jab.

It remains to be seen how Cardi will respond to Cam’ron’s playful banter, but for now, the exchange adds a touch of humor to the ongoing controversy. Stay tuned for further updates on this playful back-and-forth between two hip-hop heavyweights.

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