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Cardi B Claps Back at BIA’s Shade, Teases New Song Release



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Cardi B has fired back at BIA’s recent social media shade with a cryptic post on Twitter, hinting at an upcoming song release. The exchange began after BIA appeared to accuse Cardi of drawing inspiration from her for an upcoming track.

In response, Cardi took to Twitter, suggesting that “b*tches make a fool of themselves every single time,” but teasing that she has something in store when she drops her new song. The tweet implies that Cardi has a surprise waiting for those who doubt her.

The feud between Cardi and BIA stems from comparisons drawn between their respective tracks. BIA had faced similar comparisons with her song “I’M THAT BCH,” which samples Missy Elliott’s 1999 hit “She’s A Bch.” Cardi’s recent track “Like What (Freestyle)” also garnered attention for sampling the same Missy Elliott track, leading to further comparisons between the two artists.

Cardi’s song “Like What” also made headlines for its diss towards the brand Coach. In the lyrics, Cardi raps about preferring authenticity over luxury, referencing the brand with lines like “Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want.” She later clarified her intention, citing her admiration for Dipset and their influence on her music.

As Cardi continues to gear up for the release of her highly-anticipated sophomore album, this social media exchange adds fuel to the anticipation. Stay tuned for more updates on Cardi B and her upcoming music ventures.

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