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Cardi B Celebrates Surprise Billboard Tribute



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Cardi B, known for her candid interactions on social media, recently addressed fan speculation about her relationship status. After being spotted with Offset, the father of her children, fans speculated on a possible reconciliation. Cardi, however, took to Twitter Spaces to set the record straight, expressing frustration at rumors and emphasizing that she hadn’t confirmed anything. She vented, “Did I confirm anything? Shut the fck up. I don’t see nobody talking sht but my own f*cking fanbase,” and later scolded supporters for attempting to “fake teach [her] lessons.”

Despite the heated exchange, Cardi B’s fanbase, known as Bardi gang, surprised her with a billboard in Times Square. Excited about the unexpected gesture, Cardi shared her thoughts on Twitter, playfully addressing those who doubted her fans’ loyalty. She expressed her gratitude and suggested that those not part of Bardi gang should “mind your f*cking business.”

In a video clip, Cardi said, “So I cursed out my fans really bad the other day, and today they put me on a Billboard on 42nd St. in Times Square. I don’t know if it’s Stockholm syndrome or we just have a very toxic relationship. Either way, so it just goes to show you that if you’re not Bardi gang, you should mind your fcking business. Awe, you thought they were going to leave me? Awe. We ain’t going nowhere, btch! We ain’t going nowhere, and neither will I. I love you, bye.”

Cardi B’s unexpected billboard tribute illustrates the enduring support from her fanbase, reinforcing the strong connection between the artist and her fans.

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